The BEST EVER Pirates of the Caribbean quiz!
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The BEST EVER Pirates of the Caribbean quiz!

This IS the best P.O.T.C. quiz, honest!

Question 1:   Where do Jack and Will meet?
In the blacksmiths
On the Black Pearl
In Elizabeth's room
On a deserted island

Question 2:   Which of these films has Johnny Depp also starred in?
The Hulk
Scary Hollow
Daddy Day Care
Edward Scissorhands

Question 3:   How old is Keira Knightly who plays Elizabeth?

Question 4:   Which theme park is 'Pirates of the Caribbean' ride in, in Florida?
Magic Kingdom
Pirate Island
MGM Studios
Universal Studios
Sea World

Question 5:   Who is the best actor in the movie?
Orlando Bloom
Keira Knightly
Jack (the monkey)
Johnny Depp

Question 6:   What is the last line of the film?
Drink up me hearties, yo ho
And really bad eggs
Oh, Will- nice hat!
I WILL marry you Will!
By the way, Elizabeth, it would never have worked between us!

Question 7:   Why does Jack Sparrow get mad with Elizabeth on the island?
Because she sets fire to the rum
Because she says she loves Will
Because she doesn't like Jack, because he's a pirate

Question 8:   Why does Elizabeth faint?
Because of the heat
She's seen a pirate
Commodore Norrington proposed to her
Because her corset is too tight
Will kissed her

Question 9:   What is Will Turner's father's nickname?
Boring Bill
Bootstrap Bill
Mortal Mike

Question 10:   What does Capt. Barbossa say when Elizabeth stabs him?
"That's different!"
"Wow, you stabbed me, didn't think you'd have the nerve"
"Yes, now what poppet?"
"I was curious, after killing me, what are you planning to do?"

This Quiz has been designed by Katherine Faye Burns.