Are you obsessed with The Pirates of the Caribbean?
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Are you obsessed with The Pirates of the Caribbean?

Question 1:   Who plays Will Turner?
Johnny Depp
Geoffrey Rush
Orlando Bloom

Question 2:   How old is Elizabeth Swann?

Question 3:   What is the last line of the movie?
And really bad eggs
Yo ho yo ho
A pirates life for me
Drink up, me hearties yo ho.

Question 4:   Who says "You need to find yourself a girl, mate"?
Captain Jack Sparrow
Will Turner
Elizabeth Swann

Question 5:   To bust Captain Jack Sparrow out of jail... Will used ________.
a hammer
a chair
his bear hands
a bench

Question 6:   When sent off to the Island Jack Sparrow asks for what?
His compass
His pistol
His hat

Question 7:   When do the pirates show there skeletons?
when it's raining
In the sunlight
In the moonlight

Question 8:   What does Elizabeth Swann try to kill Captain Barbossa with?
A pistil
A fork
her corset
a knife

Question 9:   Why does Elizabeth faint?
She kisses Will Turner...Ah!
Commodore Norrington proposes
Her corset is too tight
she is sick

Question 10:   Who plays the "Interceptor" in the Pirates of the Caribbean?
Daunt Princess
Lady Marvel
Mary Lou
Lady Washington

Question 11:   What does Elizabeth have that belongs to Will?
his arm
his fathers ring
the Pirates medallion

Question 12:   What happen to Jack when Captain Barbossa stabbed him?
he turned into a skeleton
he died
he took it out and killed Barbossa

Question 13:   Why didn't Jack Sparrow die when he was stabbed?
because he is a Pirate
because he didn't want to die.
Because he took one medallions, & now was cursed

Question 14:   How did Elizabeth and Jack Sparrow get off the Island?
they swam to shore
The Blach Pearl came back and they snuck on.
Elizabeth burned the Rum and caused bombs

Question 15:   Why didn't anything happen when Elizabeth's blood was on the medallion?
because it didn't belong to her
because she is dumb
there wasn't enough blood on it.

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