This is the ultimate Pirates of the Caribbean quiz, savvy?
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This is the ultimate Pirates of the Caribbean quiz, savvy?

Think you know POTC? This is my ultimate quiz for those who think themselves knowledgeable. (I'm obsessed with Johnny Depp though, so bear with me)

Question 1:   What is Will obsessed with?

Question 2:   Fill in the blank: "It's bad luck to have a ______ aboard, even a ________ one."
monkey, small
pirate, good
boy, unconscious
woman, miniature

Question 3:   What does Jack say right as Elizabeth is falling into the ocean after she faints?
"And then they made me their chief."
"It's just such a pretty boat...ship."
"I'm Captain Jack Sparrow...Captain."
"Will you be saving her then?"

Question 4:   Which are all three movies that the actors who played Elizabeth, Jack and Will were in?
Bend it Like Beckham, Secret Window, Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings, Secret Window, The Hulk
The Hulk, Corky Romano, Edward Scissorhands
Edward Scissorhands, Bruce Almighty, Star Wars Episode 1

Question 5:   What does Jack refer to his pistol and sword as?
his things
his last shot
his pistol and sword
his effects

Question 6:   Where can the girl who played young Elizabeth be seen again?
In Tortuga, running away from a drunk.
In Port Royal, attending the Commodore's promotion.
On the Black Pearl, in one of the jail cells.
In Port Royal, sweeping behind Will when he wakes up after the fight.

Question 7:   Fill in the blank: "When you marooned me on that godforsaken _______, you forgot one very important thing mate. _______________"
island, I'm Jack Sparrow
little island, I'm Captain Jake Sparrow, savvy?
spit of land, I'm Captain Jake Sparrow, savvy?
spit of land, I'm Captain Jack Sparrow

Question 8:   What is it that you would call "ironic"?
They needed Bootstrap's blood to break the curse, but they already killed him
That they needed Bootstrap's blood to break the curse, but they sent him to the bottom of the ocean
They needed Bootstrap's coin, but he sent it away
They needed Bootstrap's coin, but they killed him for it

Question 9:   Fill in the blank: "We're _____ and ______ sheep, we're really bad _______"
devils, big, legs
fat, old, pirates
devils, black, guys
devils, black, eggs

Question 10:   Until when would Barbossa and Jack be fighting if Barbossa wouldn't surrender?
Judgment Day
the end of the world
the end of time
All Saint's Day

Question 11:   (Hopefully you've seen the extras) Who likes mayonnaise?

Question 12:   What kind of hat will Jack buy Barbossa?
a really nice one
a really big one
a really expensive one
a really ugly one

Question 13:   What do honest men do?
something honest
something nice
something silly
something stupid

Question 14:   What can't Jack resist?
saying the word savvy
stealing the gold coin
hitting on Elizabeth when they are marooned on the island
getting into trouble

Question 15:   Why does Will help Jack escape?
to fight Norrington
to get Elizabeth back
to clear his conscience
to save another pirate from the gallows

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