Best Pirates of the Caribbean Quiz EVER!: D
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Best Pirates of the Caribbean Quiz EVER!: D

Question 1:   How many braids hang from Jack Sparrow's Chin?

Question 2:   What does Mr Cotton's parrot say that the crew 'mostly figures means yes'?
pieces of eight
wind in the sails
dead men tell no tales

Question 3:   What colour contact lenses is Barbossa wearing? (not his actual blue eyes....the rest)

Question 4:   Which two people/characters did Johnny Depp get his inspiration for Sparrow from?
Keith Richards/Pepe le Pew
Really good looking people
Captain Hook/Keith Richards
Pepe le Pew/Elton John

Question 5:   How many years ago was it when Elizabeth first met Will?

Question 6:   When introducing Will to his 'able bodied crew', what is it that will said to Jack?
well, you proved they're mad
this is your 'able bodied crew?'
they seem insane to me
they seem more mad than able

Question 7:   When the cursed pirates are about to board the dauntless, what is it that causes Pintel to attack Ragetti when they are in their dresses?
Ragetti dropping the oars
Ragetti saying he looked nice
Ragetti accidentally hitting him with his umbrella
Pintel dropping the oars

Question 8:   In the Black Pearl's initial attack on Port Royal, what does Jack Sparrow say when he hears the firing?
I know those's the black pearl
No survivors? Then how do the stories start I wonder
It's Barbossa.....what business have they here?
I know those's the pearl

Question 9:   When talking to Jack Sparrow in his prison cell at Port Royal, which Pirate states "You know nothing of hell"?

Question 10:   At the beginning of the movie, how many times must Miss Swann ask Will to call her Elizabeth?
Once more
He never will, he has a sense of proprietary
He does call her Elizabeth
At least once more

Question 11:   What does Jack say to Mr Cotton when examining his new crew in Tortuga "Do you have the __ and __ to follow orders and stay true in the face of danger and almost certain death?
strength and courage
guts and valour
nerve and resilience
courage and fortitude

Question 12:   After Jack Sparrow offers the harbormaster 3 shillings to 'forget the name', he says "welcome to Port Royal, Mr ___" What name is Jack given?
Mr Brown
Mr Hutton
Mr White
Mr Smith

Question 13:   In the Isle de la Meurta Jack convinces Barbossa to let him become Captain of the Black Pearl in exchange for what percentage of his plunder?

Question 14:   How many times is the word 'eunuch' used?

Question 15:   What are the surnames of the two navy men who try to stop Jack from boarding the ship when he first arrives in Port Royal (the ones not at Norringtons promotion ceremony)
Mayoran and Mullway
Mullroy and Murtogg
Maggett and Moppet
Mortray and Mertogg

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