Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl- ITTY BITTY DETAILS EDITION

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Did you pay close attention to the movie? Take this quiz on the itty bitty details of "The Curse of the Black Pearl". Have fun!

  • 1
    When Elizabeth runs out of the cabin aboard the Black Pearl after Barbossa takes the knife out of his chest, how many skeletons are scrubbing the deck with brushes?
  • 2
    In the beginning, what was the main color of the umbrella that Elizabeth saw in the water?
  • 3
    When Will told Norrington and the governor "That's not enough", what did he throw at the map that was on the table?

  • 4
    When Barbossa's crew is leading Will into the cave for the blood to be repaid, what is Barbossa tossing in his hand?
  • 5
    When Captain Jack and Elizabeth are rescued off the island, the Governor talks to Elizabeth about Will's decision to turn pirate. What color are the feathers that are in the governor's hat?
  • 6
    When you first see Mr. Gibbs in the beginning, what color is the bandana that is around his neck?

  • 7
    When Captain Sparrow and Will are arguing about Will's father being a pirate, which way does Jack spin the wheel to make the mast hit Will?
  • 8
    When Elizabeth is dining with Captain Barbossa, where does Barbossa get the medallion when he starts to tell Elizabeth about the curse?
  • 9
    When Captain Sparrow is telling Norrington his plan outside of the cave that Will is in, Captain Jack puts his hand on Norrington's shoulder. What does Norrington use to push Jack's hand away?
  • 10
    When Jack and Will first arrive in Tortuga, a woman is on the balcony putting the bottom of her dress over a man's head. What color hair does she have?

  • 11
    What 3 colors are on the flag of Anamaria's boat when we first see Jack Sparrow?
  • 12
    How many times does Captain Jack have to nod in the direction of Will for Gibb's to understand what/who the leverage is?
  • 13
    When Jack falls off the ledge at the end of the movie, his crew throws him a rope. From which side of the ship is the rope thrown from?
  • 14
    When Captain Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth are dancing around the fire on the island, they lock arms and dance around in circles. How many full circles do they make before Jack falls?
  • 15
    What is Will doing when he's telling Jack about how his mother raised him by herself and when she died, he came to Port Royal?

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