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Are you just a fan, or are you a true stan? Test your knowledge here!

Are you a true fan? Do you know all the actors? And also the filming locations? Do you really know everything about the movie "Pitch Perfect"? Test yourself now!

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Do You Know "Pitch Perfect"?


Do You Know Pitch Perfect 2?


Pitch Perfect


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1663 days ago
i Absolutely love pitch perfect I’ve watched it a million times and not got bored
1724 days ago
I love pitch perfect
1735 days ago
These movies are the best, I've watched them maybe about 20 times each!
2061 days ago
i love this show.i watched each one 6 times lol
2071 days ago
2071 days ago
its a cool website but can you do more of these
2071 days ago
Super fan❤❤❤❤💓❤