Scary Movie
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Scary Movie

This is a quiz for scary movie freaks like ME!

Question 1:Who was the first person to be killed in Nightmare On Elm Street?
Scott Marcus
Tina Gray
Jennifer Hall
Ashley Archer
Bryce Gray

Question 2:Who played The Djnn/ Nathaniel Demerst in the Wishmaster?
Robert England
Tony Moran
Mark Elston
Andrew Divoff
Craig Williams

Question 3:In H2O,in one of the articles at the beginning of the film, during the credits, Michael Myers' name is spelled wrong. How do they spell it?
What they never spell it wrong.

Question 4:Who plays Freddy Kueger?
Cody Wilks
Paul Carl
Robert England
Ryan Day
Andrew Smith

Question 5:In the original Halloween, who plays The Shape.
Robert England
Andrew Divoff
Rick Jones
Josh Dawson
Tony Moran

Question 6:In Joyride, what is the fake female CB handle name?
Candy Kane

Question 7:What is the name a Vitamin C's character in Dracula 2000?

Question 8:In the Evil Dead series who play Ash, the hero of the films?
Bruce Campbell
Robert England
Bryce Camndell

Question 9:In the Ninth Gate, who did Johnny Depp play?
Boris Balkan
Andrew Telfer
Dean Corso

Question 10:Who played the father in the original Poltergist movie?
Tim Wintle
Henry Kane
Craig T Nelson

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