Scary Movie Test
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Scary Movie Test

Think you know your horror flicks pretty well? Take this test to find out....

Question 1:How did Freddy Krueger die?
He got run over by a car
He was shoved in to a furnace
The townspeople burned him in his own house
He didn't die
Someone threw a C4 at him and he blew up

Question 2:What familiar celebrity was in the 1st Leprechaun?
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Aniston
Renee Zellwegger
Halle Berry
Nicole Kidman

Question 3:In Friday the 13th, how did Jason die in the first place?
His mom killed him
He drowned
He got stung by bees
He slit his wrists
How should I know!

Question 4:Which movie DID NOT come from a Stephan King book?
Pet Sematary
Edward Scissorhands

Question 5:In Hellraiser, how do you get Pinhead and his friends to come to you?
Mess with the Rubik's cube
Yell out their names
Sacrifice a lamb
Become a member of the Church of Satan
I've never seen the movie!

Question 6:One of the latest movies out was The Ring. What was the little girls name and how did she die?
Nicole/left to starve in a horse barn
Samara/thrown down a well
Sukara/she died in a mental institution
Angelique/her mom put her in a plastic bag and suffocated her
Like I care....

Question 7:Which one of the following movies would you like to go see?
Gory Ghouls
Flesh Eating Cheerleaders
Attack of the Drugged Up Hicks
Saddam Husein gets massacred by the KKK
Dead Ducks

Question 8:In Ghost Ship, what did the pool fill up with?
dead bodies

Question 9:What is the toy package called that Chuckie comes in?
Fun Guy
Kids Toys
Good Guy
Best Friend
Nice Guy

Question 10:What is Hannibal Lector's favorite drink?

Question 11:In the latest House on Haunted Hill, where do they all spend the night?
K Mart
A haunted house
Abandoned Mental Institution

Question 12:Now we're going old school. Who played Dracula in the first Dracula?
Lon Chaney
Lon Chaney Jr.
Alfred Hitchcock
Boris Karloff
Bela Lugosi

Question 13:In the movie Carrie, what is Carrie doused with at the senior prom?
Sheep's blood
Goat's blood
Horse blood
Human Blood
Pig's blood

Question 14:Out of the following provided, which do you think is a corny movie?
Halloween H2O
Jason Goes To Hell
I Know What You Did Last Summer
A Nightmare Before Christmas

Question 15:In the Excorcist, what is used to get rid of a demon?
Reading from the Bible
Slapping the person
Holy water
Killing the person
Stabbing the person in the heart with a crucifix

Question 16:In Jason X, how was the first victim on the spaceship killed?
Impaled the person into the wall with a pierced stick
Removed a part of the person's face
Cut the persons head off with a machete
He froze their head and then smashed it into little pieces on the counter
Shot by a plasma gun

Question 17:And finally, what type of horror movie are you into?
Don't know

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