Scary Movie of all decades

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Are you a fan of Horror movies and know every single detail? Then you should take this to see how much you know.

  • 1
    Which one is the killer in Nightmare on Elm Street?
  • 2
    Which one if these is the killer in the Harry Potter series?
  • 3
    Whose real name is Charles Lee Ray

  • 4
    Which one these saying is in Carrie?
  • 5
    Which one of these takes place in The Shining?
  • 6
    Which actress played the same part in all 3 Scream movies?

  • 7
    Which actor from Harry Potter stars in Dracula?
  • 8
    Which animal name is in a Stephen King movie?
  • 9
    What is the main Robe Color of the killer in all scary movies?
  • 10
    Which knife does the killer always use?

  • 11
    Johnny Depp was introduced in which Scary Movie?
  • 12
    In Secret Window, What colors are Mort Raineyss' houserobes?
  • 13
    In Secret Window, Whom did Mort Rainey first kill?
  • 14
    What sort weapon was used in The Shining?
  • 15
    In Goblet of Fire, What ingredient was needed to resurrect the dark lord?
  • 16
    Out of all the breeds which one has no choice?

  • 17
    Which name belongs rightfully to The Craft?
  • 18
    What weapon did Mort rainey use when he attacked his mirror and shower door?
  • 19
    Which actress starred in the movie The Grudge?
  • 20
    Which one of these actress plays Lex in all 3 Jurassic Parks?

  • 21
    what is the most important rule in all Horror Movies?

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