2006 Scary Movies Quiz

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Do you like scary movies and think you know all about them and all the answers then find out if you do and click here.

  • 1
    What famous rich girl had a part in the scary movie, The House of Wax?
  • 2
    What scary movie was about a killer Video Game?
  • 3
    What Scary Movie is it when a killer keeps prank phone calling a babysitter and kills the kids?

  • 4
    In Red Eye what actress plays the girl being kept hostage?
  • 5
    In Red Eye what transportation was the girl kept hostage by the killer?
  • 6
    What Scary Movie was about people who went down a road which ened up to be a mistake and led to the killers house?

  • 7
    What Scary Movie has Death Stalking People and killing them one by one?
  • 8
    Freddy v.s.?
  • 9
    Chucky's real name?
  • 10
    After Dawn of the Dead there was?

  • 11
    I know what you did last?
  • 12
    (This is so easy and dumb) Is there a Saw 2?

    *Remember this is August 2006*

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