School of Rock Ultimate Quiz!

This will your mind, and your brain, and your head too!

Question 1:   What was Freddie Jones's nickname in the movie supposed to be?
Flame Boy
Spazzy McGee

Question 2:   Why was this not used?
They didn't want to scare kids watching
They didn't to influence violence
They didn't want to have a kid popping pills

Question 3:   For her singing part in the movie, Summer had to take what lessons off-set?
Rhythm Lessons
Note Lessons
Bad Singing Lessons

Question 4:   Off-stage, who did the others say was the worst student?

Question 5:   At the premiere of "School of Rock" who tripped on the red carpet when Jack Black called their name?

Question 6:   What were the names of the girls who were groupies?
Michelle and Lenny
Kim and Jessica
Marrisa and Lauren

Question 7:   Off-set, who helped Jack Black learn to play?
the sound check guy
the lyricist

Question 8:   What age group of kids did they call for this movie?

Question 9:   Who was the one exception, and how old were they?
Freddie, 15
Zach, 14
Tomika, 13

Question 10:   What was the name of Jack Black's old band, and who replaced him?
Heart&Soul, Snake
Open Spaces, Kenny
No Vacancy, Spider

This Quiz has been designed by Valerie .