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Take this test and find out.(P.S., The questions in this quiz are in order. So the first question would refer to the first scene, and the second question would refer to the second scene and so on?

  • 1
    What question does the killer ask Casey Becker?
  • 2
    Who climbs through Sidney Prescott window?
  • 3
    What did Randy say to Tatum and Stu about where he put the liver next to?

  • 4
    What stuff animal is Tatum holding?
  • 5
    What actress did Deputy Riley suggest to Sydney on who should play her?
  • 6
    Who did Sydney Prescott assumed killed her mother?

  • 7
    What color is Sydney's backpack?
  • 8
    At whose house was the Fiesta?
  • 9
    What object does Stu have around his neck?
  • 10
    When Casey is on the phone with the killer what weapon is she holding?

  • 11
    When Billy asks Randy what motive he would use what did he pick?
  • 12
    What is color is Stu bathrobe?
  • 13
    Whose voice is on the voicechanger?
  • 14
    After Billy arrives and talks to Sid alone, What does Randy call Billy?
  • 15
    At Stu's house what two horror movies is playing on the living room TV?
  • 16
    Which actress plays Sydney Prescott?

  • 17
    Which actor portrays Randy Meeks?
  • 18
    Which actor portrays the character Stu?
  • 19
    Which character does Rose McGowan portray?
  • 20
    Who plays Billy?

  • 21
    Who wrote and directed the film?

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