So you think you know Shrek eh?

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  • 1
    Fiona's curse was "By day one way, by night another. This shall be the norm until you find true love's first kiss then take love's true form"
  • 2
    All the names of the actors, were shown when Shrek was getting ready for the day.
  • 3
    The flower Shrek tries to give Fiona, before he hears her and Donkey talking, is a daisy.

  • 4
    This is a blank question of which I wanted to do. Please pick true or you will get it wrong!
  • 5
    Fiona likes strawberry ice cream and sunny days.
  • 6
    Shrek's skin is red.

  • 7
    Once Shrek and Donkey get into the castle, Donkey is sent to find stairs, while Shrek finds the dragon. But things don't go according to plan.
  • 8
    There is a musical called "Shrek The Musical" that has been done and performed
  • 9
    K, some of these have been pretty hard. Let me give you an easy one. Shrek and Fiona don't get married at the end.
  • 10
    The biggest roles of fairy tale creatures were Sugar Plum Fairy, Peter Piper, and White Rabbit.

  • 11
    Another one. Just smash that false button. (quoting from a lot of youtubers).
  • 12
    Ogre ears go down
  • 13
    Starting on two and three. Shrek and Donkey turned into A handsome man and a stallion. Which is why Donkey said "Hey Shrek, we look sexy".
  • 14
    Wicked Witch was the villain in Shrek three.
  • 15
    Prince Charming was the villain in two and three with his mother, Fairy Godmother, assisting him in the second
  • 16
    Shrek wants to be alone because Donkey thinks he's like a parfait.

  • 17
    Shrek eats Swamp toad soup, fish eye tar tart, and snuthers.
  • 18
    Shrek acts like he got stabbed, giving the crowed in front of him a gasp attack, but gets back up and roasts Prince Charming
  • 19
    No one knows what color ogre poo is.
  • 20
    Shrek and Donkey take a potion called "Look Sexy In Quick Time"

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242 days ago
What is all the blanks about, tf?
1495 days ago
I know my Shrek I got 19/20