Call yourself a Star Wars fan? Well, if you really are, take the ultimate Star Wars test, created by the ultimate fan - me! When it comes to knowing this franchise, find out now whether you're as thick as Jar-Jar Binks or if as wise as Yoda you are!

  • 1
    In what year was Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope released?
    In what year was Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope released?
  • 2
    Which actor plays Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace?
  • 3
    In which film does the battle of Endor take place?

  • 4
    Who tracks down Han Solo and takes him to Jabba The Hutt in Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back?
  • 5
    In The Star Wars Holiday Special, which was shown only on TV in 1978, what is Chewbacca's home planet called?
  • 6
    When is Star Wars Episode III's release date?

  • 7
    Which film had four trailers before its release?
  • 8
    Who directed Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back?
  • 9
    Who kills Emperor Palpatine?
  • 10
    Which one of the answers below is a change George Lucas made to Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope in 1997?

  • 11
    What is Count Dooku's other name (the one Darth Sidious calls him)?
  • 12
    Which of these characters isn't in Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace?
  • 13
    At the end of which two films are mechanical hands shown?
  • 14
    At the end of Star Wars Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi, which ghosts can Luke see?
  • 15
    Last but not least - which Star Wars film made the most money worldwide?

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OMG I am so happy I got 15-15 correct! Also sorry for my name I am a GIANT fan of keeper of the lost cities (AKA kotlc) =)😃!
639 days ago
This was actually a pretty good quiz
904 days ago
Stop censoring people words C-R-A-P is not something that needs censoring!!!
904 days ago
Do not put any of that Disney Woke🐬in this that 🐬 is not Star Wars... There is no, ep9 The Fandom Menace has spoken!
936 days ago
You need to update this for episode nine because one answer is now wrong.
958 days ago
Good quiz but only 12/15 cause of theese whole dates and years😂😂
1194 days ago
13/15 Not A Bad Quiz Wish It Was Longer Though
1291 days ago
Hi everyone I got 12/15!!!
1599 days ago

1704 days ago
I thought this was really easy
1704 days ago
This is amazing and a little bit hard
1731 days ago
anyone knows this one ;/
1786 days ago
11/15. I spend to much time in kotor lol.
1863 days ago
This was so easy but I only got 14/15 XD lololol
1893 days ago
LOVE Star Wars! This quiz was a walk in the park! It was fun, but easy!
2034 days ago
The reason im taking this is because i can get extra credit in school
2155 days ago
i got everything right but it says i got 13 of 15!
2292 days ago
All good so screw all the people who call themselves Star Wars fans if u don't get all good
2363 days ago
argh, how am i suposed to know when they came out and the dates and how much money they made, i just know about charaters, places,etc.
2448 days ago
question 10 is wrong, jabba never appeared in the theatrical release, therefor not a change, however, small changes were made to the crawl