How smart are you when it comes to STAR-WARS?

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Find out how well you know STAR-WARS, who knows you might be pretty smart!

  • 1
    Which Emperor is in charge of The Galactic Empire?
  • 2
    Who doesn't belong?
  • 3
    Who is not a famous couple?

  • 4
    Who is not part of the Jedi Council?
  • 5
    Who is in charge of the Trade Federation?
  • 6
    Who is not a gungan?

  • 7
    Who does Anakin nearly choke to death on Mustafar in Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith?
  • 8
    Who tries to assassinate Senator Padme Amidala?
  • 9
    How does Senator Padme Amidala say that "This is how liberty dies?"
  • 10
    Who is killed by the sith Darth Maul?

  • 11
    Who escapes from The Invisible Hand?
  • 12
    Who is said to be "The Chosen One?"
  • 13
    Who is Darth Sidous?
  • 14
    What is the Wookie home planet?
  • 15
    Who gives away Darth Sidious' identity to Master Mace Windu?
  • 16
    Why does Anakin turn to the Dark Side?

  • 17
    Who is killed aboard The Invisible Hand?
  • 18
    Who is the mother of Anakin Skywalker?
  • 19
    Who battles Anakin on Mustafar?
  • 20
    Where does Yoda go during the Clone Wars?

  • 21
    R2-D2 is what type of droid?
  • 22
    In the end, how many siths remain?
  • 23
    Who takes Luke Skyalker under their care?
  • 24
    Who does Count Dooku kill that makes him a sith?
  • 25
    Who is the master of the sith?
  • 26
    Who doesn't duel in Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith?

  • 27
    Who is Jabba the Hutt's right hand man?
  • 28
    What kills Padme Amidala?
  • 29
    Who destroys The Death Star?
  • 30

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This is the best quiz
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shaak ti was on the council
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The Senate is the best