Easy Star Wars Beginner's Quiz

Are you just now getting into the stellar Star Wars phenomenon? It's OK - better late than never! There's a lot to know about this amazing franchise.

Here's an easy Star Wars trivia quiz for you to try out - see how much you know right now, then you can try harder ones on this site!

  • 1
    Who killed the Emperor?
  • 2
    What is the color of Obi-Wan's lightsaber?
  • 3
    Who tells Luke, "Join me and I will complete your training"?
    Who tells Luke, "Join me and I will complete your training"?

  • 4
    What color is the uniform of a TIE fighter pilot?
  • 5
    What movie does the Emperor (as Emperor) first appear in?
  • 6
    Who was the final rescuer to enter Jabba's palace?

  • 7
    Who told Luke, "Size matters not"?
  • 8
    What is R2-D2's name often shortened to?
  • 9
    What controls a Jedi's actions, but also obeys his commands?
  • 10
    Whose presence did Luke sense on the moon of Endor?

  • 11
    What color is a blaster's stun bolt?
  • 12
    Which hand did Leia use to hold her blaster?
  • 13
    What did Han use to slice open the belly of his tauntaun?
  • 14
    What planet did Luke say gave him "the creeps"?

Comments (17)


252 days ago
14/14 too good :;!!!!!!!!
1227 days ago
Don't want to be rude but there was a lot of fact question and not a lot to do with the actual story line
1283 days ago
How can I check the answers ?
1345 days ago
1346 days ago
This is the best i keep winning and winning all the time
1369 days ago
Some people are saying he first appeared in episode 1 through 3 before episode 5, but thats canonically by the star wars time line the quiz was talking the order of how the movies came, and I also would have liked some questions about cloning. But I guess this is what you get from a main trilogy fan.Also who else excited for clone wars season 7 reboot
1426 days ago
May the force be with us
1457 days ago
Is it sad that I got every question right. I think the force within me helped. My name is Luke after all!
1666 days ago
You never mentioned ANYTHING about the old republic
1774 days ago
I'm 9 and I got 15 out of 15
1833 days ago
12 out of 15
I am still a padawan and have much to learn
1854 days ago
This was easy I am a Star Wars nerd
2035 days ago
I just wrote out all the questions for our party.. but I can’t get to the answers???
2042 days ago
Fun but, I don’t like to lose!
2135 days ago
I'm ten and Star Wars is my life I got 12 out of 15
2148 days ago
I haven't seen all of them. So I probably flunked it !!!!😩
2213 days ago
I am ABSEST with Star Wars