Luke's Rad Star Wars Quiz

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  • 1
    Who is Zam Wessel?
  • 2
    Besides Leia, who does Luke call for when hanging from an antenna on bespin at the end of Empire Strikes back?
  • 3
    What is the name of Jabba the Hutt's small (yet annoying) pet?

  • 4
    Out of the following, who does Princess Leia meet first?
  • 5
    What is the name of the Ewok Chief?
  • 6
    What species is Darth Maul?

  • 7
    Who was the owner of R2D2 and C3PO prior to Luke Skywalker and Owen Lars purchasing them?
  • 8
    On which planet did Padme first meet Anakin Skywalker?
  • 9
    Of the Original Trilogy, which movie made the least amount of money at the box office?
  • 10
    Who said this:
    "Your overconfidence is your weakness"

  • 11
    Who said this?
    "Laugh it up, fuzzball"
  • 12
    Who said this?
    "Aren't you a little short to be a stormtrooper?"
  • 13
    Who said this?
    "Flying's for droids"
  • 14
    What is the name of the Viceroy of the Trade Federation?
  • 15
    What "new strategy" does C3PO give R2D2 when playing against Chewbacca?
  • 16
    What job is R2D2 given on Jabba the Hutt's sail barge?

  • 17
    What species is Jar Jar Binks?
  • 18
    Where does the battle take place at the finale of Attack of the Clones?
  • 19
    Where is Wattos junk shop located?
  • 20
    Where does Luke Skywalker first encounter Jedi master Yoda?

  • 21
    Which of the following actors has NOT portrayed either Anakin Skywalker or darth vader?
  • 22
    In "The Empire Strikes Back", how long did Yoda state he had trained Jedi?
  • 23
    In "The Phantom Menace," which colour does Watto roll with his chance cube?
  • 24
    Which two characters have used the phrase "delusions of grandeur?"
  • 25
    As seen in Watto's junk store, how does one turn off a pit droid?
  • 26
    What is the last line of Dialogue spoken in the Original Star Wars trilogy?

  • 27
    What is the name of the actor who played C3PO in the Star Wars saga?
  • 28
    What year was Star Wars: A New Hope first released in theatres?
  • 29
    In his initial assessment, Anakin skywalker was tested by Mace Windu and asked to predict objects on a screen. He tested Anakin on three specific objects. In chronological order, what were these?
  • 30
    Who owned the Millennium Falcon before Han Solo?

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19 out of 30
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24 out of 30! A little tough though.
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This was easy but yet hard