The Ultimate Sith Lore Quiz

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How much do you know about the Sith and the Dark Side?

  • 1
    Which Sith Lord initially envisioned the Grand Plan and put forth the Sith doctrine known as the Rule of Two which culminated in the establishment of the Galactic Empire?
  • 2
    The Trayus Academy was located on which planet prior to its destruction circa 4000 BBY?
  • 3
    Darth Zannah was known for her proficiency in which saber style?

  • 4
    Which Sith Lord excelled at midichlorian manipulation, to the extent that he was able to create new life?
  • 5
    The word "Sith" originally referred to...
  • 6
    Which Force technique is not classified as a dark side technique?

  • 7
    Which Sith Lord was capable of cleansing entire planets of life in order to satiate his hunger?
  • 8
    Which Sith Lord instigated the Mandalorian Wars in order to test the Republic's strength?
  • 9
    The Sith were forced into exile on Dromund Kaas following the events of the...
  • 10
    Which of the following is not a line of the Code of the Sith?

  • 11
    Darth Bane discovered the holocron of which Sith Lord on Rakata Prime?
  • 12
    Naga Sadow used which technique of Sith sorcery to great effect against the Republic during the Great Hyperspace War?
  • 13
    Which Sith Lord does not have a tomb in the Valley of the Dark Lords?
  • 14
    Which Sith Lord cast aside the title "Darth" in his Brotherhood of Darkness?
  • 15
    According to Darth Plagueis' writings, which Sith Lord came closest to discovering the secret of immortality?
  • 16
    Hego Damask was the cover name of which Sith Lord?

  • 17
    Which Sith Lord created and used the doctrine of the Rule of One as the antithesis of the Rule of Two?
  • 18
    King Adas led the original Sith against which powerful enemy?
  • 19
    Which ancient Sith Lord was known for his exceptional swordsmanship skills, above all others?
  • 20
    The concept of "the dark side" was created by the Je'daii through the observation of which celestial entity?

Comments (6)


1611 days ago
The Sith Code answer is completely wrong!
1831 days ago
The first question was a little off too. It was Darth Revan who had the idea for the rule of two (or something similar at least) originally. Bane discovered his holocron and decided he was right and instituted the rule of two himself
2045 days ago
And Plagueis never talked about Vitiate aka valkorion.
I read the book
2045 days ago
Yes. There is no through strength I gain victory in our beloved sith code my sith fellows.
2624 days ago
As Julian noticed question #10 is in error. The wrong answer should be "Through strenght, I gain victory." The accurate line is "Through strength, I gain power." Thanks for the quiz, very good overall!
2633 days ago
I noticed that the answer for #10 is incorrect. It says that the correct answer is "Peace is a lie, there is only passion;" when that is actually the first line of the Sith Code. Idk if you meant to write something different, but the answer I noticed to be not in the Sith Code was "Through strength I gain victory." If that is the answer you intended to be right, just letting you know that it requires a fix. Don't think I'm criticizing, I found this to be a very good test, and I want it to be fixed. :)