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Sometimes something comes along that's so great, that so transcends time, kids and parents (and even grandparents) can agree on the awesomeness. For example, The Avengers, which debuted in September 1963, is still going strong today (as you are well aware). Because whether we like it or not, there will always be evil to conquer and an insatiable need for heroes. The Avengers franchise has adapted to numerous cultural changes over the years, but it always stays true to its theme.
Here's a very short history of the franchise: The initial Avengers series was published bi-monthly until issue #6, when it became monthly until Sept. 1996 (issue #402!). There were a number of spin-off series, including West Coast Avengers (four issues in 1984 and 102 issues from October 1985 to January 1994) and Solo Avengers (December 1987 to January 1991). Between 1996 and 2004, Marvel relaunched the primary Avengers title three times. In 1996, the "Heroes Reborn" line took place in an alternate universe, with a revamped history unrelated to mainstream Marvel continuity.
There's a whole lot more to The Avengers franchise than we could ever cover here. The point is, there's stuff out there you might not even have known about. You can always Google for more information. And you'll blow some minds with this trivia, especially with the older fans who didn't know you were so INTO it!
Meanwhile, check out our Avengers quizzes, and maybe invite your fan-friends – even older fans! – to test their knowledge, too.

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How Well Do You Know The Avengers?

How Well Do You Know The Avengers?


How well do you know the Avengers?


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