Which Dwarf did this from the Hobbit?

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Questions about which Dwarf did or said something in the Hobbit movie!

  • 1
    Which Dwarf arrived first to Bilbo's house?
  • 2
    Which Dwarf arrived second to Bilbo's house?
  • 3
    Which two Dwarfs arrive third and fourth to Bilbo's house?

  • 4
    Which was the last Dwarf to arrive?
  • 5
    Who said, "I'm sorry to interrupt, but what should I do with my plate?"
  • 6
    Who took the plate from Ori and whom did he throw it to?

  • 7
    Which Dwarf caught the fork near his head and did most of the cleaning of the dishes?
  • 8
    Which Dwarf was sitting and smoking when the camera shot him on (The pines were roaring) part of the song?
  • 9
    Which Dwarfs won the bet that Bilbo would come back in the beginning?
  • 10
    Who else bet that Bilbo would show up?

  • 11
    Which Dwarfs are assigned to watch over the ponies?
  • 12
    Which Dwarfs are assigned to start a fire?
  • 13
    Which three Dwarfs make a "Long term deposit"?
  • 14
    Which Dwarf asks to follow the pathway which he cannot see where it releases, and which Dwarf responds in saying to follow it?
  • 15
    Which Dwarf jumps down on the ledge to help Bilbo up after the Giant battle?
  • 16
    Which Dwarf is assigned to take first watch in the cave?

  • 17
    Which Dwarf sees Bilbo slip away after the Goblins capture them?
  • 18
    Which Dwarf says we will not be seeing our hobbit again?
  • 19
    Which two Dwarves are dangling helplessly only holding on to Gandalf's staff?
  • 20
    Which Dwarf shouts Thorin's name when they are in the air on the eagles?

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2497 days ago
It is not "I'm sorry to interrupt, but what should I do with my plate?" It is "I'm sorry to interrupt, but where should I put this?"