Ultimate Titanic Quiz

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If you don't get any of these right you belong in steerage.

  • 1
    What are the name of the robots sent to explore the wreck of Titanic?
  • 2
    After finding the safe, what does Brock ask Bobby to give him?
  • 3
    What does the reporter say some people call Mr. Lovett?

  • 4
    Where does Rose move with her husband?
  • 5
    Who gives a fine forensic analysis of the ship's sinking?
  • 6
    How fast is the bow section falling when it hits the ocean floor?

  • 7
    About how many feet longer is Titanic than Mauretania?
  • 8
    Who says: "It's a ship", when somebody refers to Titanic as a boat?
  • 9
    Fill in the blank: "All the trunks from this car, ___ from here, and the safe, to the parlor suites B 52, 54, 56.
  • 10
    Who has two pair in the game of poker?

  • 11
    What time does Titanic depart?
  • 12
    Trudy: "What's the artist's name?"
    Rose: "_______"
  • 13
    Where did Molly Brown board the ship?
  • 14
    Captain Smith: "Take her to sea Mr. Murdoch, Let's ______ her legs"
  • 15
    What speed does Mr. Murdoch report to Captain Smith after the engines are set full ahead?
  • 16
    What does J. Bruce Ismay order for lunch?

  • 17
    According to Tommy, who built Titanic?
  • 18
    What does Jack remove when he plans on jumping off the ship after Rose?
  • 19
    How many smokes does Jack bum from Lovejoy?
  • 20
    When is Cal and Rose's engagement gala?

  • 21
    According to Jack, what's the good thing about Paris?
  • 22
    How does Rose insult Jack?
  • 23
    How does Jack sign his drawings?
  • 24
    How many boilers has Captain Smith not yet lit?
  • 25
    What isn't Jack going to teach Rose to do like a man?

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