Mutant Mania!!!
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Mutant Mania!!!

Are you the fan of X-men you must be to answer these questions correctly? Let's find out.

Question 1:How does the X-man wolverine know the criminal Sabretooth?
Sabretooth is Wolverines father
They worked together on special war missions for the state
On a project funded by blackmail called Weapon X they fought against each other after being experimented upon, making them feral.

Question 2:When does Sabretooth attack Wolverine?
On Wolverines birthday.
Whenever Wolverine enters his home Madripoor.
Sabretooth hunts wolverine every six months to try and kill him.

Question 3:Name the young girl mutant who is close to Xavier, telepathic and has the ability to alter reality and possibility.
Jennifer Mindscape
Lady Longshot

Question 4:Name the original leader of the sewer mutants Gene nation?
Ororo Munroe
Sarah (Marrow)

Question 5:Storm, the african mutant has a very powerful fear. is she;

Question 6:Name the evil mutant given the title: En sabh núr (The first one)
The Shadow King

Question 7:Name the ex-wife of the mutant Gambit.
Bella Donna
Lilandra LeBeau

Question 8:Which mutant died on only his second mission with the X-men.
The changeling
Karanu Maritoko(The Rising Sun)
John Proudstar (Thunderbird)

Question 9:Who was the first recruited member of the X-men
Scott Summers
Jean Grey
Robert Drake

Question 10:Magnetos base inside an asteroid was called;
Asteroid M

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