How much do you know about "X-Men" The Movie
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How much do you know about "X-Men" The Movie

Let's just see how much you know about the movie. Have fun!

Question 1:Who plays Professor Xavier?
Patrick Stewart
Patrick Swayze
Martin Sheen
Adam Sandler

Question 2:What is the name of the lake where Wolverine is to go?
Lake Erie
Alkali Lake
Lake Roosevelt
Spirit Lake

Question 3:Who plays John/Pyro in the first "X-Men" movie?
Aaron Stanford
Johnathan Taylor Thomas
Shawn Ashmore
Alexander Burton

Question 4:Who played John/Pyro in the second "X-Men" movie (X2)?
Aaron Stanford
Alexander Burton
Johnathan Taylor Thomas
Shawn Ashmore

Question 5:In the first "X-Men" movie, what did Magneto do as a child?
He turned over cars
He moved around houses
When he was in a prison camp, he made the fence move.
When he lived at home, he made knives attack

Question 6:In "X2", what was the name of the creator of Wolverine?
Luke Skywalker
Bill Clinton
Professor Xavier
William Stryker

Question 7:What is Rogue's power?
She's strong as hell
Ability to take the power of another
Ability to heal quickly
Able to read minds

Question 8:Where does Rogue go in the first movie?
New York City
Washington D.C.
Laughlin City

Question 9:In "X2", what is the name of the person that has Professor Xavier in a mind warp?

Question 10:What is the name of the woman that Wolverine's creator made?

Question 11:In "X-Men", what does Storm do to Toad?
Blows him away with a hurricane
Stikes him with lightning
Freezes him
Pushes him over the rail

Question 12:What was the name of the place at the end of the movie that the big fight happens ("X-Men")?
Liberty Statue
Statton Island
Brooklyn Bridge
Liberty Island

Question 13:What happens to the laboratory at the end of "X2"?
A land slide
Dam breaks and floods
Everything blows to smithereens

Question 14:Who plays Wolverine?
Gene Hackman
Sean Connery
Hugh Jackman
Rob Schnieder

Question 15:What happens to Jean Grey at the end of "X2"?
She dies before saving the airship
She dies by Cyclops accidentally hitting her
She dies after saving the airship
She just leaves and does not say goodbye

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