How Well Do You Know Zombies 2?

First came Zombies, and you fell in love with a bunch of dead Disney characters. Then, on Valentines Day 2020, Disney gave you your heart's deepest desire: Zombies 2! If you loved this movie as much as or more than the first one, and think you know everything about it, try this test and see if you're right!

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    What town does Zombies 2 take place in?
    What town does Zombies 2 take place in?

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20 days ago
So how well do you know Zombies 2? You are a Zombies expert! You answered nine or all 10 questions correctly. FANTASTIC, that was epic! You crushed this test! Now, PLEASE? Will you share it with your friends who are fans of Zombies 2, too? See if they can do as well as you! (HIGHLY UNLIKELY!:-)

You have correctly answered 10 of 10 questions.
41 days ago
i heard booboostewert is gonna be in zombies3 as a werewolf
41 days ago
its coming out in2022
41 days ago
hi i cant wait for zombies3
41 days ago
willa is my favorite shhhh dont tell zed
41 days ago
you guys wanna know something
41 days ago
hi i heard some of you guys are my biggest fans
111 days ago
Oh my gosh, did Meg Donnelly actually comment here or is it just the name???? If it is her I am such a big fan!!!! I got them all right I love ZOMBIES.
150 days ago
I got them all right! #shrimpydrivingthebus
#songsaretoo good2betrue
168 days ago
OMG!!! I got 10 of 10 correct!!! I knew I was a Zombies expert! #zed2cute
175 days ago
Meg Donnelly, I'm your biggest fan. I love everything you do. Your the best.
226 days ago
Luvv u all great movie and hope u guys have a great day
235 days ago
Meg I am such a big fan I can not believe i am sending this to you!
237 days ago
HI GUYS!!! Addison here and i am so happy you guys were right Has anyone seen Milo? ill find him. MILO!!!!
325 days ago
Hey the quiz was simple
333 days ago
335 days ago
i am a zombie expert!!!!!
356 days ago
The quiz was so fun!
I really liked it!
362 days ago
I am not a zombie expert i am a werewolf expert thank you!
376 days ago
I got all the answers right I literally watch zombies 2 every day my fav characters are Wynter Wyatt Willa Addison Bree Zed Eliza and Bonzo.