Guess the song by the quote! Zombies 1 - 2

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Ready to prove yourself a true fan? In this quiz, we will give you some quotes from a Zombies 1 - 2 movie. Are you ready? Let's go!

  • 1
    Ready for a new day, ready for a change. People, zombies, everybody say!
  • 2
    Uh, new kids on a new block
  • 3
    We got the stuff to light you up its getting hotter now!

  • 4
    The moonlight`s on the rooftops, the wind is at our backs.
  • 5
    Oooooh, this is a declaration!
  • 6
    Out in the broad daylight

  • 7
    And as an added perk: if I'm president no more homework!
  • 8
    Fresh new start for your boy young z
  • 9
    All you gotta do is give an inch then we gon` take it to the top
  • 10
    Now look up, and tell me what you really see: a bunch of stray wolves or a family?

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