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Aerosmith is one of the greatest rock bands ever, who also had awesome lyrics. Let's see if you know them

  • 1
    Here is an easy one:
    sing with me/ sing for the years/ sing for the laughter and sing for the tears
  • 2
    Cruise into a bar off the shore/ her picture greased the grime off the door
  • 3
    Gonna be a penthouse pauper/ gonna be a millionaire/gonna be a real fast talker/ and have me a love affair

  • 4
    School girl sweetie with a classy kind of sassy little skirts climb way up their knee/ there was three young ladies in a school gym locker when I noticed they was looking at me
  • 5
    He jacked a little baby/ the man has got to be insane/ they said the spell that he was under, the lightning and the thunder knew that someone had to stop the rain
  • 6
    You're the reason I live/ You're the reason I die/ You're the reason I give when I break down and cry/ don't need no reason why

  • 7
    There aren't no baby please when I'm shooting the breeze with her/ when everything you see is a blur/ and ecstasy's what you prefer
  • 8
    Lying close to you feeling your heart beating/ and i'm wondering what you're dreaming/ wondering if its me you're seeing
  • 9
    Talk about things that nobody cares/ wearing out things that nobody wears/ You calling my name but I gotta make clear/ can't say where I'll be in a year
  • 10
    Say you're leaving on a 7:30 train and that you're heading out to Hollywood/ Girl you've been giving me that line it kind of gets like feeling bad looks good

  • 11
    Riding into town by the light of the moon/ I'm looking of role Sukie Jones/ She crazy horse saloon
  • 12
    Some Girls are all about it/ some girls they love to let it fly/ some girls can't live without it/ some girls are born to make you cry
  • 13
    Get yourself a cooler/ lay yourself low/ coincidental murder with nothing to show/ with the judge constipation will go to his head/ and his wife's aggravation you're soon enough dead
  • 14
    This one is basically a freebie:
    Pink it's my new obsession/ Pink it's not even a question/ Pink on the lips of your lover/ Pink is the love you discover
  • 15
    This one is for the die hard fans who bought the rocking new album:
    I never thought a first time love could ever last/ How could a kiss like that knock me flat on my ass?

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