Aerosmith Lyrics 2

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  • 1
    Jackie's in the elevator
    Lingerie second floor
    She said 'can I see you later
    And love you just a little more'
  • 2
    Half my life
    Is books, written pages
    Live and learn from fools and
    From sages
  • 3
    Barkeep gimme a drink, that's when she caught my eye
    She turned to give me a wink, that'd make a grown man cry

  • 4
    He jacked the little bitty baby
    The man has got to be insane
  • 5
    Try and tell me of an old dream
    A new version of the old scene
    Speak easy on the grape vine
    Keep shufflin' in a shoe shine
  • 6
    She'd sing and dance all night, and wrong all the right out of me
    Oh, pass me the vile and cross your fingers, it don't take time

  • 7
    If this life, gets any harder now
    Don't ever mind, you got me by your side
    And any time you want
    We can catch a train and find a better place
  • 8
    Candy store
    Rock and roll
    Corporation jellyroll
    Play the singles it ain't me
    It's programmed insanity
  • 9
    When I'm in heat
    Someone gets a notion
    I jump to my feet
    I hoof it to the ocean
  • 10
    Every time you get yourself caught up
    Inside of someone else's crazy dream
    Own it, yeah, that's a mistake

  • 11
    Mary Mary, quite contrary
    How does your garden grow
    With silver bells and itty bitty bitty white shells
  • 12
    Ah there's a chill in the summer time air
    You get a thrill from the smell of her hair
    You get high from the taste of her wet
  • 13
    'Cause you'll be kickin' ass tonight
    With the boys in Aerosmith
  • 14
    I got this feeling deep inside my love
    Overwhelming feeling but I know not what
    One thing's for sure I ain't got time for those
    Who can't relate
  • 15

    She was a 42nd street walker,
    hangin' out down by a cheap hotel,
    same old floosey floppin' in the wind,
    titties and all,
    that's right
  • 16
    You drove me mad and drove me out of my head
    While you never shed a tear

  • 17
    In the middle of, with a spittle of
    Et tu like birds of a feather
    When another day, love another way
    Push, shove, make love, play
  • 18
    Pulled on the reins just to keep me risin'
    She loved to chomp at the bit
  • 19
    You fly so high, you crash and burn sometimes
    And I want you to know, you are not alone
  • 20
    With your feet down
    Down on the ground
    You gotta sing songs baby
    When know you who's around

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