How well do you know Afi?
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How well do you know Afi?

Find out how hardcore of a fan you are.

Question 1:   What was Afi's first music video?
Third Season
The leaving song pt. 2
Girl's not Grey
Silver and Cold
He who laughs last

Question 2:   What other band is Davey Havok lead singer of?
Tiger Army
The Misfits
Son of Sam
From Autumn to Ashes

Question 3:   What song does this line come from, "I am the once embraced abandoned one."?
Midnight Sun
A Single Second
Fall Children
The Lost Souls

Question 4:   What CD first had Jade Puget as Afi's lead guitarist?
Very Proud of Ya
Black Sails in the Sunset
Shut your mouth and open your eyes
The Art of Drowning
Sing the Sorrow

Question 5:   What is Davey Havok's favorite movie?
The Nightmare before Chrismas
Requiem for a Dream
Fight Club
Mulholland Dr.

Question 6:   What member of Tiger Army started their career as a backing vocal on Afi's Shut your mouth and open your eyes?
Benjamin Kowalewicz
Ian D'sa
Jerry Only
Nick 13
Glen Danzig

Question 7:   What is the secret track found at the end of Black Sails in the Sunset?
Midnight sun
This time imperfect
Salt for your wounds
Let it be Broke

Question 8:   Which of these songs is not originally an Afi song, in other words, it's a remake.
Bleed Black
The devil loves you
Sacrifice Theory
The Hanging Garden
A story at Three

Question 9:   Afi has been with Dreamworks record since Sing the Sorrow, but what record company were they previously with?
Nitro Records
Fat Wreck Chords
Adeline Records
Fearless Records
Atlantic Records

Question 10:   What other band is Afi's Adam Carson in?
Tiger Army
Nerve Agents
Lonely Kings

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