Do You know Alan Walker like I do?

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Come on, Walkers! Take my test to see if you're really a Walker, or if you just like his music.

  • 1
    What color is Alan's hair?
  • 2
    Does he have a beard?
  • 3
    One of these foods is one of his favorites. Which one?

  • 4
    His birthday?
  • 5
    How tall is he?
  • 6
    Eye color?

  • 7
    Why does he always wear a black sweatshirt and hoodie?
  • 8
    When did he start making(producing) music?
  • 9
    What's his biggest hit?
  • 10
    Do you think you are a Walker?

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665 days ago
Wow im so a fan from alanwalker
789 days ago
Its a very nice quiz..... But it would have been better if results were seen... Off I go to listen to Alan Walker's songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
811 days ago
I'm going to ignore this quiz and go listen to different world goodbye
891 days ago
Hopefully I helped. Have a nice day
891 days ago
I just stumbled across this and @TheFadedWalker500 sometimes if you visit the quiz a bunch to check it it will count as saying more people saw it
1015 days ago
I am a walker! 7 out of 10 I think I did pretty good if I do say so myself. and great job everyone!
1022 days ago
1034 days ago
I have correctly answered 6 of 10 questions. nice :):):):):)
1114 days ago
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY YYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1114 days ago
Faded The Spectre Fade Spectre Sky Alone Unity Tired Sing Me To Sleep
1117 days ago
Da da da da daaaa!!!!!
1117 days ago
I'm SOOOOO weird.... ;)
1120 days ago
Heh. I will get my Pokemon! (J/k)
1121 days ago
Yup. it's official.
1124 days ago
Oh! You make quizzes, Ravenclaw? Cool! I'll take some!
1124 days ago
800 people took one of mine and didn’t, I guess most people don’t comment.
1125 days ago
It's sad that 143 will probably have to say goodbye. I liked her quizzes. :(
1125 days ago
I love your quizzes!!!!!!!
1125 days ago
Idk. People often just dontncomment
1127 days ago
I just thought of something. If 114 people really did take my quiz, why is ABSOLUTELY NO-ONE COMMENTING EXCEPT FOR ME? Am I really THAT boring?