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  • 1
    Well I wrote my number down
    I never wrote it down before
    Was gonna bring it over like something from a film
    But I didn't have the bottle at all
  • 2
    Mystery's flashing amber
    Go green when you answer
    But the red on the rest of the questionnaire
    Never changes
  • 3
    And she snapped
    Wing mirrors off of Cadillacs
    The particular pretty ones

  • 4
    Put on your dancing shoes
    And show me what to do
  • 5
    Yours is the only ocean
    That I want to hang on
  • 6
    What came first the chicken or the dickhead?

  • 7
    Turned your legs to little building blocks
    And with his index finger flicks you on your socks
  • 8
    Hurry up they'll be here soon, sleeping in the afternoon
    While the rain's trying to prove a point outside
  • 9
    And I don't mind
    Cause all the time you're talkin' at me
    No I don't mind at all
  • 10
    They woke up together
    Not quite realizing how
    Awkwardly stretching and yawning
    It's always hard in the morning

  • 11
    Well the times are so a'changing
    Baby even when it's live
    You can press pause and rewind
  • 12
    Darlin’ tell me something I don’t know
    Be my baby, be my GTO
    Call me something no one else calls me

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