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How well do you know the Backstreet Boys Lyrics?

  • 1
    What song is this? "If you want it to be wild
    Gotta know just who to dial baby"
  • 2
    Finish this song "Now it feels like it could be romance As we dance across the floor"
  • 3
    Which song features this lyric: "I'd walk halfway around the world For just one kiss from you"

  • 4
    Finish this lyric: "I never thought that I would lose my mind That I could control this
  • 5
    What song features this lyric? "So many words for the broken heart"
  • 6
    What song can you find this lyric on? "Now I know why I was born You feel my feelings one by one"

  • 7
    Finish This Lyric: I heard him promise you forever
  • 8
    What song features this lyric? "but I love you,
    and I will always will
  • 9
    What song is this lyric from? "And it eats me from inside, that she's not by my side
  • 10
    Finish the lyric: But with out you all I'm going to be is

  • 11
    What song features this lyric? "You see colors no one else can see and every breath you hear a symphony?
  • 12
    What song is this? "When I came back home she wasn't there just a note left on the stairs

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