How do you really feel about the BSB?
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How do you really feel about the BSB?

In this day and age of pop music, how do you really feel about the Backstreet Boys? Do you hate them? Are they a guilty pleasure? Or do you all out find yourself going nuts for these guys? Here is a simple quiz that will help you figure it out. (If you don't already know)

Question 1:When you watch the MTV music awards and see AJ's God awful outfits, do you:
Scream, get sick and run to the bathroom.
Smile and say, 'But he's just so damn sexy anyway.'
What are you talking about? I wouldn't be caught dead watching the MTV music awards!

Question 2:Ok, be honest, do Brian's nostrils scare you?
I'm still afraid to close my eyes at night!
Yeah, but not as much as that rat he always has with him!

Question 3:When 'I Want it That Way' comes on the radio you:
Sing along!
Hope to God your friend doesn't notice that you kind of like it!
I wouldn't be listening to that kind of station.

Question 4:How do you really feel about Howie?
I think he's a gay troll!
Aw! He's such a cutie! I wish he'd sing more often!
Who the f*ck is Howie?

Question 5:What do you really think of Nick's ass?
A little big.
I want to sink my teeth in!
Which Carter is that? The one that got arrested, or the one that sings about candy?

Question 6:Did you think the video for 'The One' sucked?
Hell yea!
HUH? Isn't that an Elton John song?
No! Everything the boys do is like gold! (Even if it did look like it cost $3.00 to make)

Question 7:What is your opinion on Justin?
Huh? He's not in BSB!
He rocks!
Who the hell is Justin? wait, isn't he that afro kid?

Question 8:What is Kevin's speech like?
Slow like a turtle! Does he think we're all retarded?
Uh , they actually let them talk?
It's so adorable! (screams, Uh am I deaf?)

Question 9:Can you name all of Nick & AJ's tattoos?
Uh yeah, right.
Of course! And I have at least 3 just like them! (loser)
Just Nick's

Question 10:When you think of the word Backstreet you think of:
5 very sexy guys!
A road I can take to try to avoid traffic.
hahaha! LOSERS!

Question 11:What do you think of the fact that Nick was arrested?
Hee hee!
Oh, I stand behind him and support him! (Even if I fear he may be a bad influence! I mean, gee, he was drunk!)
I think it was hot!

Question 12:Does Brian make you smile?
Yes (getting all swoony) of course
Uh no
He did before that wife of his came into the picture. (And I really thought I had a chance)

Question 13:Why is Howie so short?
Because Nick sat on him with his hot ass!
Because that's the way he is. And he's such a cutie!
Who the hell are these people?

Question 14:Did you pat the $100.00 for floor seats to the last show?
Uh yeah, and I keep the stub right next to my credit card statements. GET REAL!
Yup! Twice!
Nah, it was a little too high this time. Maybe next time.

Question 15:Why did you take this quiz?
I was bored.
Because I love Nick.
Because I take any quiz involving my boys! KBSPA!

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