How Well Do You Know Billie Eilish?

How well do you know this instant legend? Here's a quick way to find out: 10 true/false questions about Billie Eilish, so you can see how well you know this amazing singer-songwriter! Please share my quiz with your friends who are also Billie Eilish fans!

  • 1/10
    Billie was 16 in 2018

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1275 days ago
Billie eilish is everything to me (not forgetting melanie martinez of course)
1284 days ago
Ye you had the album one wrong it’s an EP ..
1308 days ago
I love billie Elish I wish and pray to go to her consert
1320 days ago
who loves Billie Eilish (ME IM OBSESSED WITH HER SHE IS A LEGEND )
1341 days ago
i thought dsam was an EP but okay iowejdlejckflj
1461 days ago
IK for fact I got 10/10 this quiz is bs
1471 days ago
Love you Billie I loved your song when I was 6 years old and when's I'm sad I always depressed your songs makes me more happy.And no wonder I still love you I loved you for four years and I always wanted to see you in real life.And I always told my mom if I can go to your concert and see you but my mom said no every single week and see her. And it always made me sad because I had no friends. And my dream is you come to my house and hug me every single day .If it happens that will make me soooo happy that i willl crysoo yah soo bye Billie.
1473 days ago
@lol uhh Billie didn’t make this quiz
1486 days ago
Who else got 10 out of ten !
1490 days ago
Queeennn!!!! I love Billie so much, I would do ANYTHING for her... and I hope I get to see her next year when she comes to my area!!
1496 days ago
Ik u wont come bak 2 see dis Nicole, but ditto on that not until about 5 weeks ago lol!
1496 days ago
8/10 what I do not understand is she a good singer us she pretty is she white obviously. Duh! ( wink 😉 ) i love her songs bad guy and ocean eyes yesyesyesyes
1568 days ago
I agree that billie is gorgeous and an amazing singer, but that's an opinion.
1570 days ago
i didn't know Billie ellish until like 5 weeks ago and I guessed on most things and got 9 out of 10
1593 days ago
Ooo that makes since you have to update it every year so it makes since to the quiz taker
1602 days ago
btw, this quiz was made when she was 16.
1604 days ago
So Is Billie Pretty and is she a good singer were opinionated questions. Everyone does not think she's a good singer or is pretty (I think she is, just saying).
1605 days ago
Billie is hot not pretty😍😂
1616 days ago
1616 days ago
This is not a dating site XD 10 out of 10 yayy