How Well Do You Know Billie Eilish?

How well do you know this instant legend? Here's a quick way to find out: 10 true/false questions about Billie Eilish, so you can see how well you know this amazing singer-songwriter! Please share my quiz with your friends who are also Billie Eilish fans!

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    Billie was 16 in 2018

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1616 days ago
firt of all what kind of question is "is billie pretty"?!!!! of course she is \!!!!
1623 days ago
Is billie pretty? Is billie and good singer? Dfuq!? Hell yah she is. But like they arent even trivia questions
1625 days ago
remember, this was made in 2018. not 2019.
1636 days ago
Hey sisters just letting y’all k buy pallets use code James for 10% off bc I’m the bad guy bye kitty girl omg we love that so fun and fresh
1641 days ago
is she pReTtY .......... ummmmm yesss
1644 days ago
BiLlE eYlAsH iS bLuE nOt wHiTe dfuq
1645 days ago
I got 8/10 it's pretty good! I just wish i could get 10/10 though
1649 days ago
boi billie eyelash is PURPLE! lol
1668 days ago
1669 days ago
I got 10/10, no biggie I’ve been a supporter since early 2016.I’m one of her biggest fans.In addition, ‘Don’t Smile At Me’ is an EP and not an ALBUM so that question is incorrect.
1671 days ago
I got 10/10 gay!!!!!!
1673 days ago
8/10 idk what I got wrong but I love her
1675 days ago
8/10 boi but I still love her!!! 😘😘🥰😍🤠
1675 days ago
Lol man 9/10 *orange justice * if I don’t meet bills and phoniness one day sister I will actually die inside all the way
1678 days ago
1679 days ago
8/10 yassss!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤
1679 days ago
10/10 billie is my I con I love her I have gotten so many compliments about how I look like her I just love her so much
1682 days ago
10/10 bois!!! I love Billie sm
1684 days ago
Oh my go Billie eilish is the reason I wake up in the morning I love her so much when I first heard on of her songs I almost died and then I saw her in an interview and i cried al of her friends are so lucky to have her
1686 days ago
Boi i got 10/10 🥑♥️I'm obsessed with her btw!😭♥️