How Well Do You Know Billie Eilish?

How well do you know this instant legend? Here's a quick way to find out: 10 true/false questions about Billie Eilish, so you can see how well you know this amazing singer-songwriter! Please share my quiz with your friends who are also Billie Eilish fans!

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    Billie was 16 in 2018

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1735 days ago
Bil is 17
1748 days ago
Billie is 17 now. She will be 18 on December 18th
1765 days ago
Billie is 17 now. Sorry, but you should update this. :)
1772 days ago
Guys you need to check when the test was made and then think about how old she was then. Of course she's older now
1772 days ago
billie do not wrote Lovely, was Phinneas
1780 days ago
Billie is 17, don’t tell me I’m incorrect till you update your answers please :)
1782 days ago
she’s 17 now:)
1784 days ago
Get her age right!! Billie is 17!!
1785 days ago
its an ep and she's 17 nowwwww
1788 days ago
Well dont smile at me was an ep soooo
1789 days ago
Billie is 17 though...if you are going to make a question on age, update it.
1803 days ago
I loved this! It’s the perfect questions! This should get more attention!!!
1812 days ago
Ok so Billie is 17 now thank you very much