Bruce Springsteen lyrics

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Here you will find some Bruce lyrics and you'll have to choose the right following lyrics, guess which song it is or say to which album does a song belong! Have fun!

  • 1
    I hold you in my arms
    as the band plays
    what are those words whispered baby...
  • 2
    I work five days a week girl
    Loading crates down on the dock
    I take my hard earned money....
  • 3
    "There's diamonds in the sidewalks, there's gutters lined in song
    Dear I hear that beer flows through the faucets all night long"
    Is the chorus of which song?

  • 4
    Long Walk Home is a song from which album?
  • 5
    Well brunettes are fine man
    And blondes are fun
    But when it comes to getting a dirty job done...

  • 6
    Name the song:
    Cheap romance, it’s all just a crutch
    You don’t want nothin’ that anybody can touch
    You’re so afraid of being somebody’s fool
    Not walkin’ tough baby, not walkin’ cool

  • 7
    "Well the streetlights shine
    Down on Blessing Avenue
    Lovers they walk by
    Holding hands two by two"
    The title track is...
  • 8
    Blood Brothers is in which record?
  • 9
    "Well, now young faces grow sad and old
    And hearts of fire grow cold
    We swore blood brothers against the wind
    Now I'm ready to grow young again"
    Guess the song
  • 10
    And an easy one to end, guess the song:
    "So Mary climb in
    It's town full of losers
    And I'm pulling out of here to win"

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