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Bruce Springsteen

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Some Bruce Questions. Let me see what you've got!

  • 1
    In which song Bruce tells us the story of his first guitar?
  • 2
    Bruce has made some TV appearances, the one that most fans remember for it's dearness it is the one at the Jimmy Fallon show. In the question about if Bruce would rather fight 100 horses sized duck or one horse sized duck what did he chose?
  • 3
    Which album was released first, Human Touch or Lucky Town?

  • 4
    Which was Bruce's surname at school?
  • 5
    Before he became famous, his parents decided to move from Jersey to another state but he stayed in Jersey. Which was that state?
  • 6
    Which of the songs played in the R&R Hall of Fame ESB induction was played in Clarence memory?

  • 7
    Which was the first Bruce Springsteen and the ESB entire live show released?
  • 8
    In which year did Bruce first appear in the Rolling Stone Magazine cover?
  • 9
    Which was the first studio album Patti took part of?
  • 10
    And now, last but not least! Which is Steve's surname in the band?

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1582 days ago
...and he chose 100 duck-sized horses.
Please change that wrong question and answer!
2381 days ago
He had to choose between 100 duck sizes horses or one horse sized duck