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When it comes to country music, it seems like you either love it or you hate it. For most people, there's really no in-between. No one is ever "meh" about it. You're either fired up, shouting woohoo! and yeehaw! when a country song starts to play, or you groan and change the track - maybe after making an unappreciative comment about trucks or dogs (pronounced dawgs).
Anyway, we're assuming you're here because you love country music and can't get enough of that twang thing. It's true, the themes in country music are the stories of love, real life and struggle - kind of like rap or blues for a different group of humans in a different place. Even people who don't love country music admit there's often magic in its stories.
Whether you prefer the old school classic country of yesteryear or the more pop-sounding tracks that easily cross over to the Billboard Top 20 today, you'll find your country niche here. Test yourself on '70s and '80s country, love story lyrics, country music trivia, "Who sang it?" and much more.

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how do I take the musictest
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i love your music quizes lol you are very very smart.