Kenny Chesney Lyrics
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Kenny Chesney Lyrics

Think you know all about Kenny Chesney? Well this quiz will test that claim!

Question 1:   She had that car loaded down with Abercrombie clothes and his American Express...
There Goes My Life
This isn't Kenny!
I Lost It
For The First Time

Question 2:   Instead of turkey we'll have mahi-mahi grillin'...
She thinks my Tractor's Sexy
All I Want For Christmas is a Real Good Tan
Steamy Windows

Question 3:   I need your kiss like oxygen...
I Will Stand
Me And You
In My Wildest Dreams
Because of Your Love

Question 4:   I'd have went skinny dippin' with Jenny Carson..
A Lot of Things Different
Don't happen Twice
The Bigger the Fool
Grandpa Told Me So

Question 5:   It's where I found Jesus....
She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy
This isn't Kenny!
Life is Good

Question 6:   She ain't a-foolin' me....
She thinks my tractor's Sexy
Live those songs again
I Can't go there

Question 7:   The grass is green, the good Lord's smilin' on you and me...
This Ain't Kenny
That's Why I'm here
Whatever It Takes
Life is Good

Question 8:   She said 'If you work hard to get where you are...'
No Shoes No Shirt No Problems
Big Star
Live Those Songs Again
Fall In Love

Question 9:   There's something sacred when you're 17 'bout a football jacket and a high school ring...
For the First Time
This Ain't Kenny
I Remember

Question 10:   KENNY'S PAST: How many times does Kenny say he's been on the losing end of love?

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