The Ultimate Kenny Chesney Quiz- Only for the TRUE FANS!

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Hi! I decided to make this quiz b/c I have seen all the online KC quizzes and they are all the same! So I decided to use my library of KC knowledge and get some different, weird things! I hope you enjoy it!

  • 1
    On October 9. 2000, Kenny hosted the Bill Boyd Celebrity Golf Classic. Where did the event take place?
  • 2
    In an interview for the album The Road and the Radio, KC compared the people in the song “Like Me” to what famous book/movie character.
  • 3
    Kenny’s first big break came with a publishing deal at Acuff Rose. What other artist was once signed there?

  • 4
    Kenny isn’t the only famous person to hail from the small town of Luttrell, Tennessee. Name the other person.
  • 5
    Who told Kenny, “The one things that will make you or break you are great songs.”
  • 6
    In Country Music Today, KC said when he and Mandy broke up, he pulled that old blue chair to the water and had a biggie sized glass of what?

  • 7
    Austin Chittim played the young father in the video for There Goes My Life. He was also in a movie with Billy Bob Thorton. Name that movie.
  • 8
    What KC song reached Top 40 status, quickly dropped out, the re-entered and climbed to the number one position?
  • 9
    How many top 10 singles were featured on the Greatest Hits album?
  • 10
    Nick Hoffman is the Fiddle and Guitar player in the Chesney Band. What is the playful name that KC and the rest of the band call him?

  • 11
    How many top 10 singles has KC had thus far (April 3, 2006)?
  • 12
    What year was KC nominated for the WB Radio Music Awards Artist of the Year?
  • 13
    How many Chesney albums have been certified platinum?
  • 14
    What’s the name of the ole’ honky-tonk, in the lower Broadway part of Nashville, where KC used to play?
  • 15
    Fill in this quote Chesney gave to Country Weekly Magazine. “I eat a lot of chicken and a lot of ____________. And turkey, fish.”
  • 16
    Now I am gonna mix it up with some lyrics. Some of these are well known songs and some you may have never heard!

    The heartaches and the bills keep coming due.

  • 17
    What a run, it’s been fun for us all.
  • 18
    She loves the Rasta Reggae Rhythm, her dreams have changes some how.
  • 19
    I close my eyes and I drift away.
  • 20
    We’ll have mahi-mahi grillin‘, pina coladas in the blender a chillin’

  • 21
    I’ve been yellin’ your name from Look-Out Mountain.
  • 22
    Working in a coal mine can wear a man down, he started spending too much time in town.
  • 23
    I know we’ve drifted and there’s only me to blame.
  • 24
    Throw “I Love You” echos down the canyon, and then lie awake at night till’ they come back around.
  • 25
    To young, to be wild and free, still young to be over the hill.
  • 26
    I’ve bottled out feelings, and poured em’ out too.

  • 27
    Tall green tree, yellow bird.
  • 28
    There’s nothing left to do but fly away.
  • 29
    My life, my lover, my lady is the sea.
  • 30
    We all have a song that somehow stamped our lives.

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