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Country stuff

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Country stuff--what gave it away?

  • 1
    Who has an album called Lonely Grill?
  • 2
    The duet "Oh Love" Is with Brad Paisley and WHOM?
  • 3
    What was Brad Paisley's sophomore album?

  • 4
    Which song is NOT sung by Brad Paisley?
  • 5
    Which song is on Alan Jackson's Greatest Hits 2?
  • 6
    Kenny Chesney's Album Me and You featured what single that was initially on his debut album?

  • 7
    In Tracy Lawrance's "Time Marches On", Daddy is in the ground beneath which kind of tree?
  • 8
    Chad Brock has how many albums out?
  • 9
    Jake Owen had two singles for his first Album, which was more successful?
  • 10
    Just for kicks, can you tell which country duet I like best?

  • 11
    Who Sings "Politically Uncorrect"?
  • 12
    The lyrics "...a fossilized dinosaur, a little patch of crude oil, a thousand feet of granite underneath.." are sung by:
  • 13
    In Kenny Chesney's "There Goes My Life", HOW many pairs of shoes does his daughter have in the car?
  • 14
    Lonely, Needing Loving can be found on WHICH album?
  • 15
    What was Jason Aldean's 1st #1?
  • 16
    Who sings Long Slow Beautiful Dance?

  • 17
    Toby Keith is an enemy of a member of which band?
  • 18
    In which song is Billy Currington: "Selling turnips from a flatbed truck'?
  • 19
    Brad Paisley has titled some of his CDs after his songs. Which one of these title songs did the best?
  • 20
    Trace Adkins does NOT sing what?

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