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Are you a fan of country music? Guess the song by some of the lyrics!

  • 1
    Got a girl from the south side, got braids in her hair
    First time I seen her walk by, man I 'bout fell off my chair
    Had to get her number, it took me like six weeks
    Now me and her go way back like Cadillac seats
  • 2
    To tell him that it's over
    Then bring it on over
    Stringing him along any longer girl, it's just wasting precious time
  • 3
    But today,
    The tears ain't gonna hit the floor
    'Cause the boat's in the bay
    And it's calling my name
    So I'm heading on out the door

  • 4
    It don't keep them other guys
    And their wandering eyes from looking at you
    But it's alright and that's okay, who can blame 'em anyway?
    You're so pretty and you ain't even got a clue
  • 5
    Just a small town Cinderella
    Daddy wants you back home by midnight
    Every time we're together
    Yeah, that's my dilemma
  • 6
    And chances are
    You’re sittin’ here in this bar
    ‘Cause he ain’t gonna treat you right
    Well, it’s probably not my place

  • 7
    What I’m really needing now
    Is a double shot of Crown
    Chase that disco ball around
    'Til I don’t remember
  • 8
    She don't throw any t-shirt on and walk to a bar
    She don't text her friends and say, "I gotta get laid tonight."
  • 9
    TRIVIA! Who is Blake Shelton married to?
    (The next questions are all trivia)
  • 10
    How old was Johnny Cash when he died?

  • 11
    What is Conway Twitty's real name?
  • 12
    What country superstar had her award speech interrupted by Kanye West?
  • 13
    Who did Taylor Swift write the song "Back to December" about?
  • 14
    Who was Johnny Cash's first wife?

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1206 days ago
Thank you for making such a great quiz
1440 days ago
this was number 14 i pushed vivian and it said it was wrong and then i searched it on google and i was right the person who made was wrong.
1869 days ago
johnny Cash's first wife was June Carter, but she was his only wife soJohnny Cash's first wife was June Carter, but she was his only wife
1881 days ago
Dude I thought it was Vivian and googled it afterwards. And the last question shouldn't even count.

KMA 1 star rating
2050 days ago
Jonny cash's first wife was Vivian
2077 days ago
seriously?! question 14 u over. his first wife was vivian, even google it
2085 days ago
Why is the last question wrong I answered honestly and why the hell was it wrong this is gay and you should make it the it does not affedt your score