Who Sang This Country Song?

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Guess who sang the song and what the song is called out of today's country hits

  • 1
    You say what if I hurt you, what if I leave you
    What if I find somebody else and I don't need you
    What if this goes south, what if I mess you up
    You say what if I break your heart in two then what
  • 2
    8 years old, gone fishing
    With a handful of worms,
    On a river bank with her daddy cheeks all sumgded in dirt.
    She's so proud, catching fish, missing both front teeth,
    Her daddy blind and happy, to the trouble she'll be
    (And oh the trouble she'll be)
  • 3
    The scent that you left on my pillow
    The sound of your heart beating with mine
    The look in your eyes like a window
    The taste of your kiss soaked in wine

  • 4
    Sign said 40 miles to Canada
    My truck tore across Montana
    Ian Tyson sang a lonesome lullaby

    And so I cranked up the radio
    Cause there’s just a little more to go
    For I’d cross the border at that Sweet Grass sign
  • 5
    I hear the sound of a gravel road
    I feel the wheels of a Detroit steel takin' me home
    I see the house just up ahead
    Sing to the one, my daddy's son will lie awake in bed
    And dream myself to sleep
    And pray my soul to keep
  • 6
    Crowded hallways are the loneliest places
    For outcasts and rebels
    Or anyone who just dares to be different

    And you've been trying for so long
    To find out where your place is
    But in their narrow minds
    There's no room for anyone who dares to do something different
    Oh, but listen for a minute

  • 7
    A gang of kids on their peddle bikes
    In a dusty town, way to ride
    To the general store for popeye cigarettes
    Class of '99
    Yeah we lived, laughed, loved and cried
    Took for granted that those days would never end
    Living like that yearbook picture wouldn't fade
    And some standing right beside me, I might never see again
  • 8
    It's okay to not be okay
    When even the air you breathe
    Is just too much for your lungs to take
    And all the words that you don't say
    I hear your SOS on the radio
    As you're driving away
    C'mon pick up your phone
    Don't have to face it alone
    Gonna fight with you and for you
    Yeah I want you to know
  • 9
    Well I used to sing it
    And I used to crank it with the windows down
    I used to love it
    Oh, but I'm over it, man I'm over it now

    I used to leave it playin' on repeat
    I spun that record 'til it turned on me
    But the DJ knows exactly what I need
    I need an out with the old in with a new beat
  • 10
    He said I wanna see you again
    But I'm stuck in colder weather
    Maybe tomorrow will be better
    Can I call you then

  • 11
    Rusty barbed wire lines these fields
    Gravel dust behind the wheels
    Drifting like my mind into the rear view
    Jet trails cutting cross the sky
    I'm rolling through the open wide
    Searching for a song to drink beer to
    And trying to find a place to disappear to
  • 12
    We're just wastin' gas, woah
    Blurring them dotted lines
    Killing all kinds of time
    Baby, like we ain't coming back (woah)
  • 13
    I had a couple beers with one of my friends
    ​Told him just how our story ends
    ​Did all I could to try to make it work
    ​But you drug my heart through the Alabama dirt, hey
    ​​I've been out the house, climbin' them walls
    ​Checkin' that calendar, exin' days off, hey
    ​Hit another bar, call another friend
    ​Throw a few down, tell the story again
    ​​Hey, hey, what can I say?
  • 14
    We go way out where
    There ain't nobody
    We turn this cornfield
    Into a party
  • 15
    Love is a burning thing
    And it makes a fiery ring.
    Bound by wild desire
    I fell into a ring of fire.

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