Do You Really Know Taylor Swift?

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In this quiz, you will be tested on how well you know Taylor Swift.

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    What month was Taylor born in?

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1306 days ago
I think you should shut the eff up Amy and go hug your Taylor Swift cut-out
1308 days ago
Hey Janet Bedwetter, what do you think of this picture? ages/2013/12/18/1226785/989069-cbfaaf8e- 6781-11e3-879d-630c394bcc3d.jpg
1377 days ago
lol Betty way to respond to my 3 month old comments XD Like get a life and just admit Reputation was a bomb. One of my friends made the mistake of wearing a Taylor shirt in front of me and I nearly smacked her lol I made fun of her though and she told me to 🍦 because Swifties have no respect! I'm no wimp if I see Taylor I get mad!
1389 days ago
lol Janet you are such a loser seriously and have issues. I bet you still have bedtime because you sound like a spoiled brat. Taylor has way more talent than you'll ever have. The only edgy tryhard dork here is you.
1481 days ago
lol you're so silly if you think her new songs are good, her new one made me literally barf in my mouth. She should stop trying to rap, it's definitely time for T-Swizzle's bed time, she's such an edgy tryhard dork
1481 days ago
Thought I was the hugest Swiftie around but I guess I got some wrong lol. She's just the most awesome person around and her new songs are amazing.
1521 days ago
There's a few pics of Katy Perry wearing granny panties Janet, a lot of girls wear them now, so get a clue. I know you're only 11 and still have a lot to learn, "granny panties" are actually a very respectable, mature, and comfortable choice. Chill out a bit and enjoy music no matter who it's by :)
1532 days ago
these questions are too completed
1534 days ago
I am not a bedwetter, I'm 11 and 11 years olds definitely don't wet their bed except if you're Taylor Swift. Wetbeder is just my name, I get bullied for it enough at school but they stop when I do their homework for them at least but I still get wedgies. It's cool you love Katy at least.
1566 days ago
What is your problem Janet I love Taylor And Katy your just and please forgive me for this but your being a petty little Spoiled brat oh and we all know your a bed wetter
1575 days ago
Janet, don't be like that, I'm glad you love my music but Swift doesn't deserve that
1576 days ago
Taylor Swift is a nerd and coward, hope she wets her pants on stage during her next tour. Katy Perry should humiliate her and make her cry on stage when Swift gets pantsed and everyone sees she still wears granny panties like a nerd. Katy Perry wears real girls' underwear like thongs. I also heard Taylor Swift was a bedwetter and might still be. Katy Perry is a true badass while Swift cries in the corner "shaking it off". The only reason Swift was every friends with Katy was because Katy was actually a cool and popular girl while Swift is that nerd in class who gets bullied into doing peoples homework while she's shoved in her locker. In real life, Bad Blood would be Katy walking up to Swift while Taylor Swift cries and pisses her pants in front of her squad, then they join Katy's squad lol Frankly put Katy Perry is cool and Taylor Swift should be put in her place by a real badass

Love you Katy
1583 days ago
So I'm the first one to write my comment here,I'd like to say that I'm a 100% swiftie and I took this test to see for myself.