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How Much Of A Swiftie Are You?

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Questions start easier and get harder as you go!

  • 1
    What color are Taylor's eyes?
  • 2
    Finish the lyrics: "...and the haters gonna hate ___ hate hate hate..."
  • 3
    What color is Taylor's hair?

  • 4
    What year was Taylor born?
  • 5
    What song are the lyrics "Is it cool that I said all that?
    Is it chill that you're in my head?
    'Cause I know that it's delicate (delicate)
    Is it cool that I said all that
    Is it too soon to do this yet?
    'Cause I know that it's delicate" from?
  • 6
    (on to level 2 now) What are her albums in order from oldest to newest?

  • 7
    Does Taylor have a brother? If so, how many?
  • 8
    Does Taylor have a sister? If so, how many?
  • 9
    Is Taylor older or younger than her brother?
  • 10
    What album is the song Love Story from?

  • 11
    (level 3 now) What song are the lyrics, "He was the best of times, the worst of crimes
    I struck a match and blew your mind
    But I didn't mean it
    And you didn’t see it
    The ties were black, the lies were white
    And shades of grey in candlelight
    I wanted to leave him
    I needed a reason" from?
  • 12
    Is Speak Now an album or a song?
  • 13
    What is her lucky number?
  • 14
    What are the three usernames for Taylor Swift on Instagram (as of 2018)?
  • 15
    What song are the lyrics, "There's glitter on the floor after the party
    Girls carrying their shoes down in the lobby
    Candle wax and Polaroids on the hardwood floor
    You and me from the night before but
    Don’t read the last page
    But I stay when you're lost and I'm scared and you’re turning away" from?
  • 16
    (level 4 now) What is Taylor's brother's name?

  • 17
    What is her mom's name?
  • 18
    What song are the lyrics, "And whispers turned to talking
    And talking turned to screams" from?
  • 19
    What song are the lyrics, "Now it’s big black cars, and Riviera views,
    And your lover in the foyer doesn't even know you
    And your secrets end up splashed on the news front page" from?
  • 20
    What album is the song Better Than Revenge in?

  • 21
    (level 5 now) What song are the lyrics, "See me nervously pulling at my clothes" from?
  • 22
    What is her dad's name?
  • 23
    What are the first five songs in order from Reputation?
  • 24
    Do you have the Taylor Swift app?
  • 25
    Do you have fan account(s) for Taylor Swift? (YouTube and Snapchat count btw)

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633 days ago
How am I supposed to know the order of speak now??!!