Taylor Swift Song quiz

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Test here how well you know the lyrics to Taylor Swift's songs.

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    Hi! Always choose the song where the lyric is from.

    "we're young, and we're reckless, we'll take this way too far"
  • 2
    "to you I can admit that i'm just too soft for all of it"
  • 3
    "bet your window's rolled down and your hair's pulled back"

  • 4
    "but I feel a responsibility to do what's upstanding and right"
  • 5
    "back when I was livin' for the hope of it all"
  • 6
    "i'm just sitting here planning my revenge"

  • 7
    "you're doing your best to avoid me"
  • 8
    "said you'd beat me up, you were bigger than me"
  • 9
    "phone lights up my nightstand in the black"
  • 10
    "taking down the pictures and the plans we made, yeah"

  • 11
    "when you're too wise to trust me and too old to care?"
  • 12
    "a flicker of light, before the dawning"
  • 13
    "don't you say you've missed me if you don't want me again"
  • 14
    "keep your feet ready, heartbeat steady"
  • 15
    "all of my enemies started out friends"
  • 16
    "proved me right when you proved them wrong"

  • 17
    "you know I wanna ask you to dance right there"
  • 18
    "I'll show you every version of yourself tonight"
  • 19
    "don't you know that cash ain't the only price?"
  • 20
    "you just need to take several seats and then try to restore the peace"

  • 21
    "but don't make her drop you off around the block"
  • 22
    "freedom felt like summer then on the coast"
  • 23
    "trying to see through the rain coming down"
  • 24
    "I was guilty as sin and sleep in a liar's bed"
  • 25
    "my heart has never felt this way before"
  • 26
    "silence and patience, pining in anticipation"

  • 27
    "the road gets hard and you get lost when you're led by blind faith"
  • 28
    "it ended up being on the record called"
  • 29
    "I replay my footsteps on each stepping stone"
  • 30
    "I am hiding in the curtains"

  • 31
    "your past and mine are parallel lines"

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