Duran Duran Lyrics
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Duran Duran Lyrics

Hoe well do you know Duran Duran's Lyrics? Which song do the Following Lyrics come from

Question 1:A cola manufacturer is sponsoring the war.
Femme Fatale
Love Voodoo
Too much information
To whom it may concern

Question 2:I heard you speak my name. Heard you singing the Stones
Do you believe in Shame?
Big thing
I don't want your love

Question 3:I only want to see you smile
Mars meets Venus
Some one else not me
Last day on Earth
Hallucinating Elvis

Question 4:your life went flashing by where did it all go wrong
Last day on Earth
Lady Xanax
Pop Trash Movie
Lava Lamp

Question 5:I was dreaming a plan I thought could not fail
None of the Above
Sin of the City
Breath after breath

Question 6:Here I am, I'm the dotted line Cut the corners stick me to your door
Friends of mine
Girls on Film
Planet Earth
Sound of Thunder

Question 7:Girls will keep the secrets, so long as boys make the noise,
Meet El President
American science
Skin trade

Question 8:It all adds up to a funky situation
Lay Lady Lay
Thank you
White Lines
911 is a Joke

Question 9:And lovers war with arrows over secrets they could tell
Wild Boys
A view to a kill
Is there something I should know?

Question 10:Maybe it's something they put in your perfume
Last chance on a stairway
My own way
The Chauffeur

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