How Obsessed With Evanescence Are You?
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How Obsessed With Evanescence Are You?

THE Evanescence quiz for THE ultimate Evanescence fan

Question 1:   What Does The Word Evanescence Actually Mean?
It is the initials of all the band members, formed into one word.
The band made it up. It has no meaning.
An evaporation of water or vapour
Only the best damn band in the world!
I don't know

Question 2:   How Did You Feel When Ben Left?
Ben? Who the Hell is Ben?
I was sad, but Ben was not everything that Evanescence had to offer.
I was upset for a while, but realised that it could have been worse. Evanescence could have split. What would I have done then?
I didn't really care, to be honest
I am interested only in the music not who is in the band

Question 3:   How Many Singles Have Evanescence Released WITHOUT Ben In The Video?
One- Ben did not appear in the My Immortal video, he left before they could film his role in the video.
None- Ben was in My Immortal but left soon after
Ben was never even in the band
Ben was not in the Going Under video or My Immortal
He never appeared in the band

Question 4:   Is It True That The Band Hail From Houston, Texas?
No- They come from California
No- They come from Arkansas
No- They originate from Boston
No they are all Swedish
Amy is Mexican and David is Greek

Question 5:   What Position Did "Bring Me To Life" Enter The U.K Charts in?
It did not even reach the top ten
It was number one for four weeks in May
It reached number two, but after three weeks, it went straight to the top of the charts.
It went top five
It was never released

Question 6:   How Many Grammys Did Evanescence Win In February?
None- they were nominated for 5 but failed to win even one.
Two- they won best breakthrough and hard rock performance
They were not nominated for any awards
They were not nominated, but they did perform
They did not win anything and they did not show up for the event

Question 7:   How Many Songs Did Evanescence Have On The "Daredevil" Soundtrack?
Three- Imaginary, Wont Back Down and Haunted
Two- My Immortal and Bring Me To Life
Two- My Immortal and Going Under
They were not on the soundtrack
Daredevil? Soundtrack?

Question 8:   On The "Fallen" Album, What Track Is Placed At Number Seven?
Field Of Paper Flowers
Goddess Of Imaginary Light
Purple Sky
Raindrops Tell A Story

Question 9:   True Or False- Amy's Hair Is Naturally Black?
False- she is really a brunette
True- Those lovely long black locks are real!
False- Amy is really blonde as she is of swedish ancestory
She does not have hair
She is not in the band

Question 10:   Finally, How Many Tracks Are There On The "Fallen" Album?
There are only 5 tracks on the album
There are twelve on the FALLEN album

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