Easy/hard quiz on Evanescence
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Easy/hard quiz on Evanescence

See if you know all these questions on Evanescence...

Question 1:   How many songs are there on their album?

Question 2:   Who is the singer in the band?
Anna Lee
Amy Lee
Amanda Lee
Abbey Lee
Alice Lee

Question 3:   What is the song 'Imaginary' about?
a dream that she had last night
an imaginary boyfriend she wants to have
About a nightmare happening and A- trying to stop it with a dream world she built
about how she wants to live forever and she's upset

Question 4:   What is the first line of the chorus lyrics in the song 'Bring me to life'?
Bring me to life, Bring me to life, don't let me die...
Wake me up inside, Wake me up inside, save me from the dark.
Bring me to life, wake me up, don't wanna stay deeeaaad!

Question 5:   What is the order of the first four songs?
Bring me to life, Going under, My immortal, Everybody's fool
My immortal, Everybody's fool, Bring me to life, Going under
Going under, Bring me to life, Everybody's fool, My Immortal

Question 6:   What are the names of the rest of the band?
Tim Moody, Alex LeCompt and Thomas Gray
Joe Moody, Paul LeCompt and Matt Gray
Ben Moody, John LeCompt and Rocky Gray

Question 7:   Who is the lead guitarist?
Tim Moody
John LeCompt
Ben Moody
Alex LeCompt

Question 8:   Why did Evanescence write all these songs?
For the sake of it
Because they wanted to
For money
To show others they have the same problems

Question 9:   Where are the boys when A- is in bed in the 'Bring me to life video?
sleeping like good boys
eating dinner
rocking out in their room
having a chat

Question 10:   What relation are - Moody and A- Lee to each other?
boyfriend, girlfriend
best friends
brother and sister

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