The real evanescence test
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The real evanescence test

Sorry 'bout The EVANESCENCE Test, there are some mistakes in, oh well, this test is the right one.

Question 1:   What was Evanescence's 1st album?
My Immortal
The Evanescence EP
Not For Your Ears

Question 2:   In what year was that album released?

Question 3:   Which album was released first--Fallen or Not For Your Ears?
Not For Your Ears? Is there an album with that stupid title?
Not For Your Ears
No, that's not the real title, it's actually Not For Your Mouth 'cuz nobody can sing their BEAUTIFUL songs
Of course it's Fallen 'cuz I never heard of Not For Your Ears

Question 4:   How many album did Evanescence release with Wind-Up Records?

Question 5:   When did they release Evanescence: Live In Cologne, Germany?
17 September 2002
17 April 2001
17 October 2003
2000 (date unknown)
17 September (year unknown)

Question 6:   Are these lyrics correct? I run to you Call out your name I see you there, running away
HELL YEAH! I love that song *sings the whole song with the lyrics I gave as the chorus*
Is that an Evanescence song? I thought it was Nirvana's song, right?
Is this some kind of trick question?

Question 7:   Complete this lyric: I've been ____(1)_____ in the ___(2)_____ for _(3)__
1)sitting 2)car 3)hours
I know! 1)dreaming 2)world 3)all my life
1)sleeping 2)church 3)so long
Err...1)looking 2)mirror 3)so long
1)looking 2)mirror 3)days

Question 8:   What song was that (question 7)?
Breathe No More
Hot In Here
How the **** should I know?
Wake No More
Ugly Mirror

Question 9:   Is there such a label as Sound Asleep Entertainment?
No, Sound Asleep is just the album's name
Yeah, sure--I think
Yep----Sound Asleep was released with that label
Who cares? As long as Evanescence rock!

Question 10:   What's Amy's bad habit?
Picking her nose
She loves to brag
She change all the songs when she sings at a concert

Question 11:   What's Amy's favourite movie?
Nightmare Before Christmas
Scary Movie
The Haunting

Question 12:   What's Amy's status?
Single-She's waiting for me
She's married to Shaun Morgan
She's in love with Michael Jackson
In a relationship with Shaun Morgan
She's dating Chester Bennington

Question 13:   Ah, 13. That reminds me of the date December 13th, 1981. What's so special about that date?
It's Amy's b'day
It's the day Ben met Amy
It's John's b'day
It's Rocky's b'day
It's David's b'day

Question 14:   The stupidest question I can ever ask to an Evanescence fan: How did the band started?
What a stupid question. It's easy. Amy had a crush on Ben all her life so when Ben at last say Hi to her she's pretty much blown away that she blurted out asking him to start a band with her.
Amy entered MTV's Made 'cuz she wanted to start a band. But since she doesn't have a guitarist, a drummer and whatsoever, so all the crewa from MTV helped her and they found Ben, David, John and Rocky.
Ben saw Amy across a crowded room while she's playing the piano. He walked up to her, she sang for him. I don't mind repeating that story. It's ROMANTIC!
Amy was singing in the school choir when Ben saw her and he had fallen in love with her pretty, pretty face. When he talked to her, he found put that she had a great personality so he asked her to start a band with him since he can play guitar.
Amy is a cheerleader in her school and of course, Ben is a jock. Amy is the only girl in the cheerleading squad who doesn't have a boyfriend so her friends planned a date between Amy and the only jock with no girlfriend, Ben. On their date, they found out that both of them has musical talent so they started a band.

Question 15:   Amy uses what album to warm up?
Fallen by Evanescence (of course)
Dummy by Portishead
Stripped by Christina Aguilera
Untouchables by Korn
Dangerous by Michael Jackson

Question 16:   Whose posters were on Amy's wall in her room when she was 11?
Bjork and Tori Amos
Paula Abdul and Mariah Carey
P.Diddy and Limp Bizkit
A Perfect Circle and Rush
The Goonies and Seether

Question 17:   Who is Amy's most embarrassing celeb crush?
Ryan Phillippe
Meat Loaf
Corey Feldman
Ben Moody
Michael Jackson

Question 18:   Amy went into the pit at heavy death-metal show and what happened?
Someone stepped on her hand
She stepped on someone's neck
She stepped on someone's hand
She was kicked out
Someone stepped on her neck

Question 19:   What was Amy's first word?
Meat Loaf

Question 20:   Which album help Amy get through hard times?
The Downward Spiral
Not For Your Ears
The Eminem Show
Cheap Thrills

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